Triple Falls Sanctuary at Creston

Sanctuary: a sacred or holy place; a place of refuge.

It’s no wonder why this special part of Creston is named “Triple Falls Sanctuary” or why it’s considered the soul of this NC mountain community. With three majestic waterfalls amidst 350 acres of preserved forest, it’s not often that you come across such a heavenly place. Here, the only sounds are the rushing of water and the songs of the birds. Fresh air and damp earth fill your lungs while the beauty of mountain life in its most natural, undisturbed state makes you forget the haste of daily life.

Triple Falls Sanctuary is what defines Creston. A sanctuary. Pure, revered, simple, majestic. Retreat, shelter, protection, preserve. A hidden gem in the forest.

A gentle trail allows property owners’ access to Triple Falls Sanctuary by foot or all-wheel drive vehicle. Once at the parking area, a meandering foot path leads across a creek to Falls Camp – a primitive camp area under a canopy of trees with a fire pit, stacked wood, and an old, rustic shelter called “the Moonshine Cabin.” Falls Camp is an extremely tranquil and remote place for camping yet within the boundaries of a NC gated community. This accessibility to nature so beautiful and undisturbed is what attracts our property owners to Creston and is what sets this Black Mountain property apart.

The three waterfalls making up Triple Falls Sanctuary – Allison Falls, Cub Falls and Adam Falls-- surround the camp area with a lookout pavilion below Allison Falls, the biggest of the three. These powerful water sources create the Left Prong of the Catawba River and are critical to supplying clean drinking water needs for North Carolina’s most populated river basin.

Creston purchased this impressive tract of Asheville mountain property from Colonel Daniel W. Adams, a land conservationist known for building the first forest fire tower in the world in Arkansas Ouacita National Forest. Colonel Adams acquired thousands of acres of the Catawba Headwaters southwest of Old Fort in the early 1900s. Now, Creston has partnered with the Foothills Conservancy of North Carolina to ensure the preservation of Triple Falls Sanctuary and its surrounding hardwood forests, tributaries, native plants and abundant wildlife, securing a conservation easement that borders Pisgah National Forest so that the land is perpetually left untouched. The easement adjoins the 750+ June Carol Adams Preserve, Colonel Adams’ daughter’s land, totaling more than 1,100 acres of land filled with headwater streams feeding the Catawba River.

Triple Falls Sanctuary is a place to retreat, refresh and rediscover your soul. It beckons property owners to immerse themselves into the splendor of nature– whether it’s alone time reading a book, family time with a picnic, or a quiet evening with a loved one and a glass of wine. With the 200-year-old rhododendrons, the wildflowers and native plants, the wildlife and scenery, Triple Falls Sanctuary is an outdoor haven for property owners, promised to be preserved for their future generations.