Another Home Going Up!

How do you gauge the health of a master planned community? Look for new construction. If you drive through a development and all you see are empty lots, yet the community has been around a while, ask the question "Why aren't people building?"

Its one thing for an individual to purchase a home site for a future dream home, but when that individual at a later date triples or quadruples the investment by building a house, that speaks volumes as to the confidence of that property owner. When you see numerous such homes going up in a single development, that is a great barometer of the health of a community. Here at Creston, the Cribbs on Lot C-34 recently broke ground on their new home, bringing the total of homes under construction in Creston to five! That is remarkable for what is largely a second home community outside Black Mountain. There are primary home subdivisions in metro areas that would love to have five homes under construction.

Randy Hughes of Blue Ridge Mountain Homes is the General Contractor on this new masterpiece. We look forward to watching the progress as it moves from a dream to a reality.