Black Mountain homes and mountain properties in a private NC gated community near Asheville.

The following are highlights from the Covenants and other pertinent information about Creston.

Design Guidelines, Architectural Review & Fee
The Creston Design Guidelines are created to establish Creston as a mountain community of high quality and establish a sense of visual harmony between your home and the natural environment. Plans for all buildings, alterations, and additions must be submitted to the ARC for approval. Variances shall be based primarily on architectural merit. A non-refundable fee of 1,500.00 is due at beginning of the home construction process for architectural review fees.

Common Areas
Restrictions against the removal of live trees, plants, and any wildlife, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, and hunting.

Homesite Designations
Creston cottage sites, traditional sites, homestead and cabin sites are distinct groups within the larger community and are identified in the overall plan.

  1. Creston Cabin Sites (1 – 2.5 acres)
    Imagine a cozy, rustic cabin nestled in a forested setting surrounded by a beautiful natural habitat.
  2. Creston Cottage Sites (1 – 3 acres)
    The Cottage sites originally began in two cottage “neighborhoods” that are sited along two ridges ending in quiet cul-de-sacs. The Cottage concept was so poplar that we’ve placed some Cottage sites on Nuthatch Lane.
  3. Creston Traditional Sites (2 – 4.9 acres)
    Creston offers more Traditional sites than other homesite designations to accommodate a broader variety of lifestyles. Some 2.5+ Traditional sites may accommodate a ‘Guest Cottage’ than can be constructed prior to the main house.
  4. Creston Homestead Sites (4 – 21 acres)
    Theses sites are suited for the privacy seeker that prefers a family compound or a special retreat. These sites may also accommodate a ‘Guest Cottage’.

Use Restrictions
Property maintenance minimum standards, noise pollution, light pollution, clear cutting. No mobile homes, modular homes, or manufactured homes. No temporary structures.

Building Completion Deadlines
The exterior of all houses and other structures must be completed within fourteen (14) months of the commencement of construction.

Well and Septic Systems
Individual well and septic systems are the responsibility of buyers. In 2011-2012 Developer owned sites all received county septic system permits good for 5 years.

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change.

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