Black Mountain homes and mountain properties in a private NC gated community near Asheville.
A Legacy of Quality

John and Marilyn Nelson, North Carolina natives, have been involved with North Carolina real estate and developing mountain land responsibly since the late 1970's. They created a number of successful private gated communities on Lake Gaston, located between Raleigh and Richmond. Their dedication to quality of design and respect for the land guided the development of lakefront communities like Buck Spring, Hunters Creek, Spinnaker Pointe, Timbercreek, Old Bridge Pointe and River Forest.

Each of these communities protects the natural lakefront beauty through proper design of homesites, roadways, and waterfront amenities. Each community is unique in its offering and design.

In 1993 the Nelsons acquired the land for Three Creeks, and developed it as a low density community within a beautiful mountain cove eleven miles from Creston. In the mid 1990's Three Creeks was the first and only community in North Carolina with 77% of its highest value land set aside as common areas  protected by covenants. The guiding principles of Three Creeks-preserving natural beauty for the enjoyment of the owners, offering homesites that are peaceful and secure, and enhancing property values through conservation easements-are the same principles the Nelsons uphold at Creston Mountain Community.

Birds of Creston

Flowers of Creston

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