Making Headlines

Cabin Life

Its one thing for a salesman to say how great something is, but its another when an independent party says it.  So anytime one receives a third party endorsement, its a great compliment. That’s what recently happened with Creston homeowners, Bill and Phyllis Malcom.

There are many homes and communities from which publishers and editors can gather material for their magazines, so for Bill and Phyllis to be the subject of such an article, its very exciting.  Their home is featured on the cover of the April issue of Cabin Life Magazine with a glowing article on the inside pages.  Cabin Life is a national magazine published by Kalmbach Publishing which produces a dozen special interest magazines mostly focusing on the craftsman and hobbyist interests including Discover Magazine.

Bill & Phyllis’ architect, Tom Lawton, AIA was asked by the publisher and editor to submit potential homes for the article.  After providing several candidates, the editors decided upon the Malcom’s house as it embodied the spirit of cabin and cottage life in a pristine natural setting.  With the home as the focal point of the article, our beautiful Creston community provides the backdrop.  Having been built by Randy Hughes of Blue Ridge Mountain Homes, the style, finish and setting of the home made it an easy choice for the editors.  Numerous homes designed by Tom and Randy can be found throughout Creston.  The article is set off by the beautiful photography of Kevin Meechan.

Because of copyright matters, we can’t link to the article or insert photos to this post, but you can purchase a copy on your own through the Cabin Life website by clicking here.  It would make for a great conversation piece if you had it on your coffee table.  We’ll certainly keep a few copies here at the Creston office.  Congratulations Bill and Phyllis!