Its Time Again to Prepare for Winter

Ice photoAfter a long, lazy summer and gentle fall, the weather is finally turning cold again.  So once more, its time to be thinking about preparing your house for the freezing temperatures.  We’re fortunate here at Creston in that we don’t typically have long spells of below freezing temperatures.  As I tell guests, “We live in North Carolina, not North Dakota.”  More evidence is the fact that there are no ski resorts in our vicinity.  One must travel northeast and climb a couple thousand feet to Banner Elk and Blowing Rock for skiing.

Regardless, we do have freezing temperatures and if your heat should go out or you’ve not winterized your house, you could be in for a nasty surprise upon your return.  Just a tiny hairline crack in a water line under pressure can be all it takes to wreak havoc on your home.  So if you heat with propane, make sure your tank is kept filled and either you have the water lines drained or leave a faucet dripping in a sink.