Rick Davenport took care of trimming and cleaning up the Spring Trail.

Something I often share with folks who tour Creston is that we have a wonderful group of property owners that take pride in their community. So many developments similar to Creston are left in disrepair and neglected after the initial push by the developer. Property owners simply don’t follow up on caring for their community. Not here.

Every week members of the Landscape Committee venture to one of the many parks and overlooks to weed, trim, plant and otherwise dress them up. Just recently the Trails Committee headed by Peter Ballhaussen hosted a trail clean up day. A number of property owners gathered together at the gazebo overlook and then took to the trails with loppers and weed trimmers in gloved hands. They cleaned up the trails of downed limbs and trees, while cutting back overgrown brush. With some five miles of trails in Creston, that was a lot of work but the hands of these few have provided a wonderful environment for all to enjoy.

Thank you Peter and all those who participated!