Arrowhead Artist and Artisans League

SONY DSCOne of the joys of living in the area is the number of cultural treasures we have surrounding Creston that enhance our quality of life.  The area is rich with the creative arts and one little known gem is the Arrowhead Artists and Artisans League located in the nearby town of Old Fort.  Its just a 15 minute drive from the gate of Creston to Old Fort.

Arrowhead isn’t just a gallery, displaying works of art available for sale, but its also a working educational outreach center and an active studio.  That is, more than half of the facility space is dedicated to studios in which area artists and craftsmen can be seen creating their works.  The facility offers numerous classes in the visual arts throughout the year in a large classroom, rounding out the offerings.

At present, there are works of 23 artists on display in the gallery.  On the first Saturday of every month, the League hosts “ArtsMart”, a free to the public display of works for sale by local artists.  Every month features something new.  Tuesday mornings offer classes in a variety of painting mediums and Sunday afternoons they host a “group paint” in which several local artists are on hand to help anyone that wants to try their hand at painting.  Give them a call at 828-668-1100 or click here for the website.